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Personal Taxes

               PERSONAL TAXES

Don’t Miss Out on Tax Credits!

At Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant, we know that personal taxes can become very confusing and quite the hassle. You’re already busy enough as it is and you don’t need the added bother of more paperwork. As a result, you end up spending hours upon hours trying to calculate and prepare your own t1 personal tax return. Allow Birdi CPA to remove this burden from your shoulders. Continue to live your life while we complete your personal tax needs with precision and accuracy on-time. Furthermore, we can provide this service all at an affordable price and ensure you receive quality work. We get that each person has their own unique tax situation, which is why our team has designed a number of unique packages to suit your exact needs.

Birdi CPA is fully equipped to assist you with any of your personal tax return concerns. In addition to employees, our personal tax services extend to sole proprietors, investors, non residents, and more.

Free Consultation

Most of all, at Birdi CPA we strongly believe that the customer comes first. Therefore we offer a consultation at no cost to all businesses. Feel free to ask us questions that you have about your income tax or anything else about personal taxes. During these meetings we can discuss several ways to reduce your personal taxes. Just give us a call or contact us through our website to book your free consultation because we want to help minimize your taxes.